Ceylon Tea Tours
Regal Ceylon Tea
The stunning isle of Sri Lanka is commonly known as Ceylon in the tea world. Ceylon Tea production began in the late 19th century and is now Ceylon Tea is known for its superior quality. Plan your adventurous tea journey with Ceylon Tea Tours, which includes visits to various tea growing regions, organized talks with industry experts and the exploration of over 2,000 years of rich history.

Ceylon Tea Tours include

  • Expertly guided adventures by top names in the tea trade
  • Visits to well-manicured tea gardens in various regions
  • Tours of tea factories with the opportunity to taste dozens of tea varieties
  • Plucking of your personal stash of tea to take home
  • Organized talks on history of Ceylon Tea by industry experts
  • Indulge in exquisite cuisine and Oceanside high tea
  • Explore the rich Sri Lankan culture, sacred temples, rare wildlife and beaches
  • Stay in beautiful tea estate bungalows and lavish hotels

Join one of our small tea tour groups or arrange a private journey. Contact us for more information at info@regalceylontea.com or 202-536-2555.